Welcome to Mr Kinski’s Music Shack.  As you have probably guessed, I’m Mr Kinski! I will be using this blog to write about music that I love, both old and new.  I will review albums and music DVD’s, and discuss music that has moved me over the years, as well as new music that I have just discovered.  Hopefully, it will turn people onto music that they might not be aware of, and maybe I will also be introduced to some new music.

I welcome comments back, even if you disagree with me, but on the whole I want this to be a positive blog, and not a place for mud-slinging and name-calling.  I can’t really see myself writing too much about albums or artists that I don’t like, as I’ll be writing about albums I own, gigs I have attended, and music that has moved me over the years (I’ve been listening to music since 1977).  For that reason, I won’t be reviewing stuff that I don’t like, but I will try to be both honest and critical in my reviews and comments, so you won’t have to wade through pages of obsequious fluff.

So, I hope you visit Mr Kinski’s Music Shack regularly, and if it turns you on to a song, a band, or an album that you may have missed, then I guess it will have all been worthwhile.

PS If you purchase anything by following the Amazon UK (not US) links on these blogs, I get a small commission that will help feed my music addiction!

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4 responses

12 12 2011
15 03 2012

Having similar musical tastes , let me recommend you this band from Norway, called Gazpacho , here is a link to youtube


17 03 2012

I’ve got their last two albums, and will probably be reviewing “March of Ghosts” soon.


11 01 2013

I surprisingly find a lot of good and quoted information about music and tv-stuff here. thank you very much for entertaining me for more than two minutes!


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