Welcome to The Shack…

6 09 2009

My little corner of the internet where I can rant about the music I love.

I hope to add some random postings about music that has moved me over the years.  From obscure new wave classics, to pure pop heaven, I will cast a wide net.  Don’t be surprised if you see The Carpenters mentioned in the same paragraph as Nine Inch Nails It’s my blog, so please indulge me.

You may not always find reviews that cover current media darlings, and I’m not one to worry about what’s “cool”.  I’m not ashamed to say that Bruce Springsteen‘s Darkness On The Edge Of Town is one of my all time favourite albums.  Not trendy, but true.  By the same token, as much as I love pop music (short for “popular” don’t you know), I also love music by “under-the-radar” artists such as Hazel Mills & The Shortwave Set. Don’t be shocked if I start prattling on about Steely Dan & The Stranglers.  Unlikely bed-fellows, yes, but both close to poor old Mr Kinski’s swollen heart.  I’m not ashamed to say that I love a-ha (nearly) as much as I love The Associates.  Report me to the taste Police, if it makes you feel better.

Have a read of the About page to see what I hope to achieve with this blog, and please feel free to comment on my postings as they appear.  Thanks for reading….



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6 01 2019

Hello Mr. Kinski
Is it kosher to suggest an album to look at?


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