News: The return of CousteauX

20 10 2020

CousteauX (formerly known as Cousteau) after a few years away are back, with a new album Stray Gods.

Cousteau were a London based band active from 1999 to 2005, releasing 3 studio albums and known for the songs The Last Good Day of The Year and Mesmer.

Core Cousteau members Liam McKahey and Davey Ray Moor returned as CousteauX in 2016 and after releasing their first album under the CousteauX name in 2017, and a series of well-received gigs, it all went quiet again and the band seemed to have disappeared. Until now.

Stray Gods will be available with songs being released via their website, one track at a time, with a choose your own price model. There is no news at this stage of a physical release (a vinyl release would be welcome!) but this is a good way to support the band and that will hopefully lead to further music.

Live stream gigs are also a possibility. Sign up to the band’s mailing list and follow them on their social media channels, on Facebook and Twitter.

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